Jo Homar

Health & Healing/Medical Medium/Gemstone Artist


My work is built on the foundation of authentic divine connection and a commitment to greater good in the world. I approach this through simple, meaningful, and honest ways of helping others on their journey to self-discovery and empowerment just as I have done and continue to do with my own journey. I have gained much wisdom throughout the years and I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve picked up along the way.

I work with the understanding that there is an inherent intelligence that resides in every body. When this flow is interrupted through physical, emotional, chemical, and spiritual stress the body operates at less than optimal function; often resulting in pain or disease. My goal is to restore this inherent intelligence that resides within you.

Jo Homar, PhD

Health & Healing/Medical Medium/Gemstone Artist

Jo Homar, PhD


You can look at life as a series of constant change and transition like the seasons.

We are always evolving, changing, and transitioning.

Hi, I’m Jo, your go-to RESET Guide, Wellness Facilitator, Metaphysician, and the people’s guide for holistic health and healing. I’m here to help you reach your highest potential and tap into your deepest wisdom. My focus is on healing the body, mind and soul through various alternative energetic and vibrational healing therapies and clarity coaching services.

The JAH Way, is my unique way of enhancing, improving, and saving lives through simple effective proven ancient and modern techniques I have gained from my ancient ancestors and through modern training.  At the foundation of The JAH Way is my authentic divine connection which is tapped into and used as guidance during all sessions. My process has been referred to as being gentle, profound, and life changing by the clients I’ve had the privilege to work with throughout the world. 

As a health and healing facilitator, my work is focused on getting to the root causes of pain, illness, and disease. I focus on the energetic, vibrational, and spiritual aspects of you and your symptoms to promote an overall state of well-being.

When you are ready, I am here to help you build a life that you truly love and to help your body operate at an optimal level for your well-being. I look forward to connecting with you and working with higher guidance on your behalf.

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Metaphysician/Clairvoyant Psychic Medium/Medical Medium/Certified Health, Nutrition, and Life Coach/Gemstone Artist/Author/Wellness Facilitator

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