LaRUE Briggs

Alchemical Hypnotherapist - Body, Mind & Inner Being Hypnotherapy

I am an Alchemical Hypnotherapist with over two decades of experience in providing space for individuals to tap into and utilize self-empowerment.

Over the years, clients have been able to change their lives in re-nimagined ways.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy


Alchemical Hypnotherapy is a guided state of relaxation whereby an individual has the choice to merge with non-physical consciousness; thus bridging the gap between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, creating a method for tapping into unlimited potential.

I took my basic training in Alchemical Hypnotherapy in Guerneville (CA), followed by many continued education courses throughout the years, including the study of NLP, Medical Intuition, Ho’oponopono.

I started my private practice from my home at the time in Petaluma (CA), and it looks like I’ve come full circle~~back to my current home in Sedona (AZ)!!

The “in between” years evolved from and through a variety of offices, including Healing Arts Hypnotherapy in Scottsdale (AZ), & Positive Changes Hypnosis in Las Vegas (NV), & Boise (ID).

I love to share my experience, hope and strength with my fellow travelers In-Person, FaceTime, Zoom, or Webex!!!

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