Sandra Levarek

Biontology™ Light Therapy / Frequency Healing / HEALY

I am Sandra Levarek, Certified Chiren® Practitioner in Biontology™ offering Biophoton Light Sessions using a device called the “CHIREN®”.  I work out of Sedona, Arizona and have been a full-time Practitioner with the CHIREN since early 2012.  Today I integrate my work using the ZTYO Technology  and the HEALY Resonance. 


Sedona Biontology™ – Biophoton Light Therapy – ZYTO
Energy Frequency Healing – the HEALY

I have been trained directly by the developer and inventor of The CHIREN™, Dr. Johan Boswinkel, at the Institute for Applied Biophoton Science in 2012, San Francisco, California (IABS) – Diploma, Chiren Practitioner 2012.

Zyto Technologies, Inc. – Certification Elite 5.0 & Select 5.0 – Biocommunications 2016-2017

Certified BioMagnetism Pair Therapist – 2019 – Escuela Superior de Biomagnetismo Médico – Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran & Moise Goiz Martinez & have been created to provide additional information.

“After I received my certification as a Bach Flower Therapist in 1983my passion for energetic medicine evolved to my present work: BioPhoton Light therapy, BioMagnetism, the HEALY Resonance,
where I am witnessing one ‘Miracle’ after another!”

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